PSNZ Canon National Exhibition – Closes Fri 27th February 2015




                ENTRIES CLOSE in FOUR DAYS

                MIDNIGHT on FRIDAY 27TH FEB

FAQ’s In response to a number of enquiries

1 Open is still Open
The only change is that if you enter an image you would like to be considered for either the Landscape or Photojournalism Trophies. When you select that button, you are stating that any manipulation to that image is allowable under the definitions. It is no longer up to the judges to decide if an image for either of those awards has been manipulated beyond what is allowed.

2 (i) By entering an image into the Nature categories, you are stating that it meets the requirements for a Nature image.
(ii) An image entered into a nature section can also be classified as wildlife if it meets the requirements as set out in that definition.
(iii) If the image also meets the requirements for New Zealand Nature, that button can also be ticked.

3 You are not asked to state that an image can be considered for the Maritime Award. The selection of that image is up to the judges.

Head to the NATEX website to enter.

If you have a question, email the organisers at
or Phone: 07 544 9472

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