PSNZ Canon On line Results for Round 5 2017

From Sally Phillips, our Canon Online Co-ordinator:

My Congratulations to Carolina Dutruel APSNZ who is a member of Henderson Photographic Society in Auckland with her lovely image ‘One’ also to the other nine place getters. Well done.

Also our thanks go to our Judge for this round Julia Home – APSNZ –  EFIAP  from Kaiapoi North Canterbury for her time and expertise which is much appreciated.

Julia’s comments follow:

While there were only 53 images in this round, the standard was quite high making the final selection of 10 a little hard. It is interesting that people seem to think that post production is a must in the final presentation of images when sometimes the simplest subtle adjustment to an image can be all that is needed if you have got it right in the camera in the first place. It was good to see some people using in camera techniques to produce their images.

1st One by Carolina Dutruel APSNZ  

To me, the shape of the dress has accentuated the length of the models back. The side lighting has given lovely detail to the contours of her back and to the fold in the garment she is wearing. The addition of the red bow at the base of the plait gives a nice focal point to the image and breaks up the image well. In my opinion, the inclusion and the position of the hands adds a second smaller triangle that replicates the shape of her back so nicely.

2nd Te Puki Stream by Neil Gordon APSNZ

There is so much to explore in this image. To me, this is a lovely aerial shot allowing us to see the different colours that make up a stream according to the depth of the water. You have managed to capture the textures so well and I feel that the tracks formed by vehicles add a good sense of scale to the image.

3rd Godwits s In the Mist: by Glenda Rees

A lovely image showing great feather patterning and detail of the Godwit. I like that you have included the three birds and with the narrow depth of field it has allowed the closest one to be the sharpest. The image shows the environment of the Godwit well and I feel that the reflection of the birds adds to the image nicely.

4th My Turn Next by Lynn Fothergill LPSNZ

I wonder what the girl is looking at. Is it at the previous dancer or is she watching for the signal for her to go on to stage? What a great story you are showing here. I feel that you have captured the nervous emotion of this young girl very well, waiting in the wings for her turn to go out and do her best. I like the way the lighting has enhanced the detail of her costume and highlighted the contours of her muscles in her arms.

5th A Beautiful Ending by Helen McLeod APSNZ

Often the seeds that are left behind are better for photography than the actual flower itself, and in my opinion this is one of those situations. A well exposed image with good detail in the seed heads. I feel that the post production has enhanced the overall story. A great still life image.

6th End of the Road by Kate Beauchamp

The tonal range in the image has been handled well and I like the detail and mood portrayed in the sky. like the placement of the church within the frame and feel that it is well balanced with the brighter area in the sky. A lovely image of a church that by the looks of it has been around for a while.

7th Ballerina Gannet by Judy Stokes APSNZ

What a great subject for slow shutter speed photography. I love the fact that I still know what the original subject is but the way you have captured the bird does give a pose similar to that of a ballerina suiting the title brilliantly. Nicely exposed with some detail in the body and feather region with the tonal range of cream, yellow and the brown background blending together giving a lovely harmonious image.

8th Rain Shopping by Noline Skeet

To me this tryptic is lovely with its vibrant colours all working together to create a well-balanced image. I feel that the placement of the people within the two outer panels allows my eye to be directed into the centre panel where the smaller person adds a good sense of perspective to the image. In my opinion, the painterly effect of your post production enhances the ‘wet’ feeling of the image.

9th Striking Swamp Hawk by Jeanette Nee  APSNZ

A great shot of the wonderful swamp hawk giving the ‘breaks on’ pose as it is about to capture its prey or come in for a landing. The lighting on the day has given you the ability to show good detail of the feather patterns. The pose shows off the sharp claws nicely leaving us in no doubt that this is what the hawk uses to capture its prey.

10th In Thought by Lynn Hedges

A very peaceful portrait with lovely subtle lighting and pleasing colour tones. I feel that the model is well positioned within the frame giving her space to look into. The fact that her eyes are closed gives a peaceful feeling to the image in my opinion and supports the thought that she is thinking about something.

Our final Round for 2017 is now open.

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