PSNZ Canon Online 6th Round, and 2012 Placings

Well done to Robin Short, whose image “Elegance” took first place in the last round of Canon Online for 2012.

Special congratulations to Tom Wielemborek, who was the overall winner for 2012. The top four placings for the 2012 competition were:

1st: Tom Wielemborek (30 points)
2nd: Robin Short (26)
3rd: Ron Willems FPSNZ FAPS AFIAP ARPS (24)
4th: Geoff Trotter (23)

Check out the PSNZ website for the results, including judge John Greenwood’s comments on the images, and a slideshow of the top ten for this round.

Canon Online 2012_06
PSNZ Canon Online 6th Round 2012

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