PSNZ Canon 63rd National Convention – Exploring Pixels – The Last Day

Sunday started later than the other mornings and I think everyone at the convention was thankful for that!

First up were the raffle prizes drawn and spot prizes on offer.  Throughout the convention there have been prize draws and Sunday morning was the last of the draws. Check out the list of prizes and the sponsors who donated them.  Your chances here were much better than lotto so many people bought several tickets for each.

Annette Johnston gets the raffle bucket ready…



Nika Maltseva took to the stage – armed with laptop list of all the folks that had visited the Epson stand throughout the convention.  A Voucher will be emailed for all those that visited the Epson stand to use on future purchases. The big prize though for Epsom visitors was a printer.


Young photographer, Rose McMahon assisted in choosing the winning number for the printer.


And the lucky winner….


There were two young photographers encouraged to attend the convention.  Rose McMahon, who already shoots weddings at 14 years of age, and Ben pictured below – here he is getting some tips from landscape photographer Ken Wright.


Guy Edwards was one of the last two presenters to speak at the convention.  Again he wowed us (actually make that a WOWED in capitals as he was really amazing) with images – this time he focused on landscapes.


Throughout his talk he mentioned flashing the subjects with his torch. In the heads of the audience we were imagining a handheld, put in your back pocket kind of torch. There was a wee giggle round the room when Guy put up an image of the ‘torch’ he used!


He said it is like a motor bike head light and can light up a tree up to a mile away. It probably takes a few more batteries than my 4x AA torch.

The last speaker of the morning was Julieanne Kost.  MC Paul Byrne was on hand to assist with the essentials (lip gloss and the like).


Before her presentation Julieanne presented a spot prize to one lucky attendee – a years free adobe cc membership to Graham Collins from Hutt Camera Club.


After the spot prizes Julieanne started her presentation.  I am sure everyone wanted her to talk longer – although if we were given any more information my head might have exploded.  Smart objects in PS will now be high on the list of everyones radar if they weren’t before.

On previous days Julieannes assistant has been a zebra – today it was a Kiwi and it was hers to keep.  I think she was pretty happy about that.


Following Julieannes presentation the Bert Hoveling extended an invite to all PSNZ members to come across to the Australian conference.


Christian Fletcher drew out the big raffle prize – the Ezio Monitor worth around $1800. What a prize.


And the winner was………  Russell Champness.  He looks pretty pleased!


Matt Leamy and Trish McAuslan presented workshops throughout the convention.  Both are members of the Tauranga club and received thanks.


Murray did a bit of frisbee throwing with some canon cleaning clothes.  He did precede this with a disclaimer about any injuries that might occur!


Popped out for a wee group pic of the wonderful presenters. From Left to Right are Christian Fletcher, Kevin Clarke, Guy Edwardes, Ken Wright, Julieanne Kost.


To round things off the team of 6 legends from the club that made the convention happen were thanked and here they are clearly happy that the next day they can sleep in!  Well done Paul Byrne, Annette Johnson, Molly and Gary Powel, and Vivianne and Richard Baldwin.


Congratulations for a stellar convention.

Thanks to Jay Drew for reporting in daily and providing the photos.

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