PSNZ Honorary Life Membership awarded to Lynn Clayton

The PSNZ Service Awards are always a well kept secret and in most circumstances the recipients are in attendance at the Honours Banquet.  This year however, the recipient of the Hon. Life Membership – Lynn Clayton, was not going to attend convention due to her many other commitments.

However with gentle ‘encouragement to come to the Honours Banquet for some fun’  from PSNZ Councillor Moira Blincoe, and fellow friends Brian Cudby and Heather Harley, Lynn decided to fly down just for the banquet.

For those in the know, we watched her during Murry’s reading of her Citation.  Not a flicker of recognition that it could be about her… until the origination of the Canon Sponsorship and the North Shore Salon were mentioned.

For the first time ever, Lynn was lost for words and almost overcome with excitement and delight. 

Lynn Clayton

Lynn Clayton Receiving her award from John Boyd, Patron of PSNZ.

A PSNZ Honorary Life Membership is no more well deserved than someone like Lynn, who as you will read here, is a truly deserving recipient.

When she first started out with her ‘Box Brownie’, little did she know that her interest in photography, fuelled by her knowledge, passion and support, would lead her to become one of New Zealand’s finest and most respected photographers.

Lynn Clayton has to be one of the most passionate photographers in New Zealand.

Within PSNZ, it would be difficult to find anyone who can match her enthusiasm, passion and willingness to support Individuals, Clubs and the Society as a whole.

Lynn eats, breathes, talks and dreams photography, and the PSNZ.

Lynn’s PSNZ accomplishments are many and varied:

In 1998 she received her Associateship award (APSNZ) and in 2008 she was awarded a PSNZ Service medal for her contributions to photography.

She has also been recognized by the International Federation Photographic Art (FIAP). Her first award being an ‘Artist FIAP (AFIAP)’ in 2005 followed by an “Excellence FIAP (EFIAP)”, then in 2014 an Excellence FIAP for Services Rendered (ESFIAP)”, which specifically recognizes her services to photography on an international scale.

Lynn has mentored and assisted many other photographers to apply successfully for  photographic honours distinctions, nationally and internationally.  She continues to actively volunteer this valuable service.

She is a prolific judge – contributing to many clubs competition evenings, and has for many years convened as a selector for national and international salons.

She was instrumental in establishing one of the country’s most recognized and successful photographic Salons, and well supported by PSNZ, – The North Shore Photographic Salon.

Over time Lynn has served in numerous administrative positions, as well as serving eight years on PSNZ Council.  Most notably, Lynn was elected the PSNZ President for two years starting in 2002 at the time the Society celebrated its first 50 years.  This was followed by two years as the Immediate Past President, and subsequently, many other functions supporting the PSNZ.  Lynn has also been for many years, one of the Trustees of the Bowron Foundation.

Lynn has been particularly successful as the PSNZ marketing and sponsorship specialist and – amongst many other successes has been instrumental in negotiating and sealing the now ‘long term’ sponsorship of PSNZ activities by Canon New Zealand, and the introduction of the PSNZ – Canon Digital Photo competition in its current form.

Lynn continuously makes herself available to anyone seeking advice or an opinion on any photographic topic. She remains an active and successful salon exhibitor and judge – nationally and internationally.

She has been, and still is, a hard working member of PSNZ, who has always had the good of the Society and its best interests at heart.  She has a fervent and effervescent desire to promote the advancement and the art and science of photography in New Zealand and overseas.  Thus actively furthering one of the primary objectives of the PSNZ.  She is motivational and inspirational to so many of our members.

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