PSNZ Honours Submissions 2015

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to get in your submissions for PSNZ photographic Honours. Get them in early because the closing date is 28th Feb for the portfolios (print and digital) and 14th Feb for the Audio-Visuals. The closing dates are the final days that submissions will be accepted. The secretary has a lot of work to do to get them ready for the Honours Board’s consideration, so submissions will not be accepted after those dates.

In the Honours Guidelines on the PSNZ website there is a checklist of things to do before sending in your submission. Please go through this and check that you have things correct. From the website, download, complete, then POST ALL THREE sheets of paper, plus your cheque, if there is one. (website – honours section – pages 12, 13 & 14)

#1 Application form.
#2 Notes for Applicants – answer the ‘Advice Received’ section,
#3 Your submission information. Titles are not compulsory, but the form is.

For digital image submissions, CDs will not be returned unless specifically asked for. The cost and time for returning CDs (which you should already have backed up) is getting quite expensive. They will be broken and disposed of correctly.

All applicants get a letter back as soon as possible to tell you how you got on. Those who miss out will get a brief note on some of the reasons. We’re sorry this cannot be in fine detail, but we are viewing around 100 portfolios (97 in 2014). That means over 1100 individual images. There just isn’t time to give fully detailed feedback.

The Honours Board looks forward to viewing all submissions. It is an enjoyable task and takes three days. All portfolios are given full consideration and discussion.

PSNZ Award service nominations close on Feb 14th. These are for Honorary Fellowship, Honorary Life Member, PSNZ Service Medal and the Emma & William McPherson Award. The details for these and nomination forms are on the PSNZ website. Please have these filled out correctly on the official forms. There are a lot of good hard working people in our Society that should have recognition.

Graham Dainty FPSNZ
Honours Board Chairman.

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