PSNZ National Convention – Set Up for Today’s Start.

For the Queenstown convention Team, and PSNZ President Murry Cave and Conventions Councillor Norma Bartrum convention started on Thursday with the work setting up the Frankton School venue. Two tents were put up for extra space in case people want to have lunches outside but with shade. The school playground tends to be used by families during the day so these had to be isolated from the convention area so Murry zoomed out and got some hazard tape to isolate these areas. Lots of setting up in the hall and then helping the caterers set up their space.  Its all looking good for today and the convention start this afternoon.


Conference convenor Jo Boyd and Secretary Lara Moss working on last minute planning for convention.



Queenstown team assembling tents. These are extra space where conventioneers can have lunches etc in shade.



Queenstown team putting up signs.

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