PSNZ Placed in top 10 for FIAP Salon

The International de L’Art Photographique (FIAP) have announced the results from the 28th Projected Biennial held recently in Indonesia and judged by the Indonesia Photographic Society.

New Zealand’s entry of 20 images under the title of “Autumn Palette” received an “Honorable Mention’ placing of ninth (9th) equal, which is a significant improvement on recent year’s entries, and ‘one of our best ever’, says Lynn Clayton APSNZ, EFIAP, ESFIAP, who coordinated the entries.

Congratulations to all the photographers whose images were included in the entry which were selected by myself, Liz Hardley FPSNZ and Moira Blincoe LPSNZ. Thanks too to everyone who took time to send images for selection.

“As the selectors we are absolutely thrilled with this result. We received a great selection to choose from, but when you take everything into consideration for the criteria of judging, it was not an easy task,” said Lynn.

The results are: –
First: World Cup – Indonesia (225 points)
Second: Gold Medal – Italy (215)
Third – Silver Medal – Germany (214)
Fourth – Bronze Medal – Austria (209)
Fifth – Honorable Mention – Vietnam (202)
Sixth – Honorable Mention – Belgium (201)
Seventh – Honorable Mention – Oman (199)
Eighth – Honorable Mention – Spain (197)
Ninth = – Honorable Mention – New Zealand (178)
Ninth = – Honorable Mention – Singapore (178)
Ninth = – Honorable Mention – FYR Macedonia (178)

Here is a layout of the sequence of images included in Autumn Palette. Authors are listed from left to right, rows 1 – 4.

Row 1: Barbara Lee; Aliah Jan; Paul Whitham; Alison Viskovic; Graeme Skinner.
Row 2: Matheson Beaumont; Kate Burton; Bevan Tulett; Jim Harding; Emil Damian.
Row 3: Geoff Beals; Yvaan Adams; Anne Lambe; Geoff Beals; Teresa Wilson.
Row 4: Annette Preen; Bevan Tulett; Ann Bastion; Marie Adamson; Suzette Shaw.fiap

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