PSNZ Website – Galleries and Resources

Galleries and Resources
I’d like to draw your attention to some of the rich resource of images and information for PSNZ members and others on the PSNZ website, and also highlight a couple of new items.


The Galleries section of the website has links to Members’ websites, as well as PSNZ Galleries with images from various competitions, a link to PSNZ Images on Flickr, and much more.

There is a brand new section there called PSNZ Home Page Galleries. Our webmaster, Mark Berger, has set up a system for rotating through different sets of images each day on the home page.  There are currently 11 different sets there, chosen by Mark and by PSNZ vice President, William Wright. As is explained there, feel free to suggest other image sets that could be used on the home page.


It is well worth exploring the Resources section of the website. This has lots of information, including various Help Sheets.

The latest Help Sheet which has just been added was provided by Clendons Barristers & Solicitors through PSNZ Councillor Murry Cave. The subject is “Photography Law in New Zealand” – a matter that we all ponder from time to time, so it’s good to get some solid advice about it. Check it out.

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