Results of Canon Online Round 3, 2016

Thank you to all who entered there was some lovely work.  I am always surprised at the Judges choice. I sometimes pick images myself and some are the same choice some are not but then I am not the judge.

Our Judge for this round was Michael Boyd-Clark APSNZ who has just become a new judge for the PSNZ .  Congratulations Michael.  When I saw his name mentioned I threw him in the deep end and Michael was thrilled to be asked.  Thank you for your time as I know you are a busy man but it is much appreciated by us all and I do hope you enjoyed the experience. It’s not an easy task to choose 10 images out of 114

Congratulation to Ruth Beal who belongs to the Manukau Photographic Society, for your first place with your beautiful image Fleeting Footsteps. Also to the other 9 placed.

Entries for Round 4 close on 25 August 2016 and are limited to financial PSNZ members who can submit just one image sized at 1620 x 1080. use our website to enter your images.

Top 10 Images for Round 3 PNSZ COL 2016

1st Fleeting Footsteps. By Ruth Beale.

2nd Room with a View. By Mary Livingston.

3rd Looking Out. By Anne Lambe.

4th On the Inside. By Jacki Trillo.

5th Protea Sorbet. By Stephanie Handley APSNZ.

6th Evening Gannet by Glenda Rees.

7th Good vs Evil Chris Wong LPSNZ.

8th Seasoned Seafarer. By Kathy Richards.

9th Mirrored. By Eunice Belk.

10th Punt on the Avon. By Paul Willyams LPSNZ AFIAP ANZIPP.

Sally Phillips APSNZ
PSNZ Canon on Line Coordinator


It was an honour and a privilege to be asked to judge round 3 of Canon OnLine  2016.  And what an astonishing collection of images they proved to be.  My approach was one of selection rather than elimination and I endeavoured to reward those that best told their stories.   Initially twenty five or so jumped out at me and demanded to be considered.  It was a really difficult task to select the final 10.  These are, in my opinion, wonderful examples of photographic competence combined with exceptional creativity.

Michael Boyd-Clark APSNZ


Judges Comments:

1st  Fleeting Footsteps.  By  Ruth Beale. I could gaze at this for hours.  It engenders such a feeling of family life and love in an atmosphere of gentle summer warmth.  I can just imagine the sensations of pride and joy that a parent would feel as this little girl exudes excitement and courage as she rushes off into the relatively unknown.

2nd   Room with a View.  By  Mary Livingston. This image immediately caught my attention and held on to it.  I think the contrast between the window frames in focus and the view beyond distorted and blurred makes for its very pleasing effect.  The colours, blue, green, grey and off-white all compliment each other.  The little crack evident between the frames adds a touch of intrigue, tempting and pulling the viewer in.

3rd   Looking Out. By Anne Lambe. What a great cluttered, busy image.  First it drew me through that dilapidated grungy door and over to that open box and associated stuff:  What was that all about?  Then across the dry grass and through the fence into the trees.  Then I noticed the two people striding away: What’s going on?  Then back to the taps, the bottle and the can.  Then to the tatty jacket tossed over the scruffy sink.  I smelt the dry grass, dust, creosote and I lived the scene.  Magic!

4th   On the Inside. By Jacki Trillo. It was the expression on her face that drew me into this image.  I kept wondering what is on her mind, what is behind that look.  The monochrome treatment,  the lovely light direct if from the left, the hints of an empty barn in the background  all work together to generate an intensely moody ambiance.

5th  Protea Sorbet. By Stephanie Handley APSNZ. Beautiful tones and beautiful textures come together here to produce an image to linger in.  The pink and fluffy petals have an almost pastel feel to them, their diagonal orientation giving movement and interest to the image.  Not much more to be said, just lovely.

 6th   Evening Gannet  by Glenda Rees. It was the eye that caught mine, wonderfully sharp and at an unusual angle. The detail and texture in the keratin of the beak, the lines of flow in the feathers, the warm colours and the blurred background all come together to present an exceptional image.

 7th  Good vs Evil Chis Wong LPSNZ.  Such power is evident here.  A simple image, just the play of light on falling water and mist.  The energy in the water is palpable.

8th  Seasoned Seafarer. By Kathy Richards.  At first glance this image appears as an interesting abstract with mirrored repeating curves.  Then on closer examination it becomes clearer what it is.  The author has cleverly seen and captured this unusual perspective on a fairly mundane subject.  The desaturation almost to the point of monochrome and the general grunginess add to its appeal.

9th  Mirrored. By Eunice Belk. Simplicity expertly constructed and depicted in the image.  Lovely light, tones and symmetrically arranged textures in the feather and its reflection that leap out against the jet black background. Cleverly presented upside down so as to catch attention with anomaly.

10th   Punt on the Avon. By Paul Willyams LPSNZ AFIAP ANZIPP.  I know, I know, it’s a bit chocolate boxy!  But before you write it off, let the line from the ducks to the punt draw you in and on to the curves in the river beyond. Then loiter among the autumn leaves and their reflections.  Then move across to the green foliage on the right and back to the turquoise ripples in the water.  Peace with tranquillity and all’s well with the world.

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