Wiltshire Cup Rules & Entry Form

The Wiltshire Cup Interclub Competition is for a set of 4 projected images, conducted by the Photographic Society of New Zealand.

Closing date for receipt of entries is: Midnight Sunday 1st March 2022

Entry Fee: $40

Please pay by Direct Debit to:  02- 0214- 0063170- 05

Use your club name for Reference, Interclub for Code and Wiltshire for Particulars

Please include a return courier ticket for your prints.

For enquiries contact: craig.mckenzie@xtra.co.nz

Photographic Society of NZ. (Inc)
Rules for the Wiltshire Cup Inter-Club Projected Image Competition.
(Note that these are only a précis of the rules for your immediate information.
Refer to the PSNZ rules for more detailed information.)



The competition shall be open to all photographic clubs and societies, which are members of the Photographic Society of NZ.


(i) An entry in this competition shall be made by a Club or Society only, and shall consist of four (4) projected images.

(ii) Each image must be made by a different Club or Society member.

(iii) Images entered in the competition in any previous year are ineligible.

(iv) Copies of images entered in any current exhibition are eligible.


Where a person is a financial member of more than one club he or she may exhibit images in more than one club entry, provided such images are not of identical subject matter.


(i) Entries shall be exposed by the entrant. Any manipulation of the images should be done by the author or at the specific direction of the author. Composite images must contain only original work by that author.


(i) Each image must be no more than 1620pixels on the horizontal side and no more than 1080pixels on the vertical side, in jpeg format. Vertical or landscape formats may be used.

(ii) The images will be projected with a black background.


(i) Each image file shall start with the Entry No, as on entry form, word Wiltshire and then the title then club area name ie: 1_Wiltshire_Floral_Howick     (Howick meaning Howick Camera Club)

(ii) Images will be numbered to agree with the entry form and shall be exhibited in that order.


(i) The judges shall award first place to the club whose entry they consider to be the best collective set of images.

(ii) In arriving at their decision the judges shall take into account relevance of subject matter, presentation and general attractiveness of the entry


The Society shall be entitled, without payment of any fee to the competing club or the exhibitor, to copy any image:

(i) For reproduction in the exhibition catalogue of the National Convention.

(ii) For reproduction in newspapers or magazines or elsewhere as publicity material for the National Convention.


Any disputes of rules, or organisation may be referred to council and their decision will be final and binding.

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