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Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy for Digital Audio Visual Sequences

This competition is open to all members of the Photographic Society of New Zealand and members of affiliated clubs.

Important dates:

1st October: Entries open
20th November: Entries close at midnight
2nd December: Judging
9th December: Results announced by

Rules and Guidelines for JSMT 2017/18 are available here

Entry Form is available here.

The Award winning AVs will be shown during the PSNZ National Convention in Dunedin 19th-22nd April  2018


Theme: An AV which develops an idea. Let’s say you choose to do Moods of the Sea. You may have a series of photos showing the different moods of the sea which have been organised from quiet and peaceful to very stormy. It still has a structure or development of the idea but because it doesn’t have factual detail or specific information, it is probably not going to fit into the documentary category. In many cases it could almost be thought of as Open.

Documentary: An AV with strong factual content, for example about a place or event.

Music, Poetry and Song: An AV which clearly illustrates a piece of music, a poem or a song. This may be creative or strongly representational.

Other Information

There is a help sheet available for downloading, “Creating a Digital Audio Visual”. It is recommended that all entrants into the Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy competition read it.

It is also worthwhile reading the help sheet by Ron Davies “Judging Audio Visual Sequences” to get an idea of what judges are looking for.


Jack Fredrick Sprosen FPSNZ HonFPSNZ ARPS, 1933-2005

Jack’s interest in camera clubs started in the 1950’s and continued through every year of his life. He was a photographer who successfully embraced black and white, colour, slides, audio visuals, digital and digital audio visuals. He was always willing to help others.

Jack was a key member of the Photographic Society of New Zealand – he served on Council; was President in 1996-97 and was a member of the Honours board.

So important was his contribution to PSNZ that Jack was awarded an Honorary Fellowship in 2001 (PSNZ’s highest honour).

The Sprosen family have donated a trophy in memory of Jack which is the purpose of this competition.

The Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy, 2007
The Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy, 2007

October 2016 Results

Matt Leamy LPSNZ “The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride” winner of a gold Medal and the Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy, winner of the Documentary CategoryThe Distinguished Gentlemans Ride

Silver Medal:
John Hodgson EFIAP/b, AV-AFIAP, AV-FAPS “Breaking Up” Winner of the Theme CategoryBreaking Up
Jacqui McGowan LPSNZ ‘Bird on a Wire”   Winner of Music Poetry and Song CategoryBird-on-a-wire_Jacqui McGowan

Bronze Medal:
Liz Hardley FPSNZ, LRPS, EFIAP/b ‘Auckland Lantern Festival”
Newell Grenfell Hon PSNZ, FPSNZ, FNPSNZ “Proud

Merit Certificate:
Newell Grenfell Hon PSNZ, FPSNZ, FNPSNZ “100 Years 100 Horses
Jan Dally LPSNZ   “The Spirit of Denniston”
Triena Graham “A Footnote to a Love Story”

Commended :
Bob McCree FPSNZ “We Shall Overcome”
Bob McCree FPSNZ “Art Deco Weekend”
Robert Beckett “ Pere-Lachaise: A Journey”
Hazel Thomas LPSNZ “The Gannets Return”
Pankaj Bhakta “Lest We Forget the Heroes”
Jo Curtis LPSNZ “Journey’s End”
Jo Curtis LPSNZ “ Bowhunters Tournament”
Gail Stent APSNZ “Lochmara: Underwater Project”
Helen McLeod “ The Boxing Day Tsunami Effort”
Helen McLeod “Deconstruction Reconstructed”
Barbara Burry APSNZ “Impressions of a Mountain Desert”
Jenny Dowling “Shosholoza”
Lyall Reynolds “Wholly Smoke”
Triena Graham “Whisper”
Adele Ashton APSNZ LRPS “Crazy”
Sheryl Williams LPSNZ “Dancing Seed Swans”

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