Striking Autumn Colours makes up FIAP Set.

PSNZ has sent a set, titled ‘Autumn Palette’, for inclusion in the 2015 FIAP Colour competition.

Thanks to all the photographers who submitted their work for selection, which according to the selectors – Liz Hardley FPSNZ LRPS, EFIAP, Moira Blincoe LPSNZ, and Lynn Clayton APSNZ, EFIAP, ESFIAP – was a pretty difficult task.

“We were extremely impressed with the high standard of work submitted.  Because we could only select 20 images, unfortunately some amazing images did not succeed. We realise we face tough opposition in any FIAP competition, however we feel this set is one of the stronger ones New Zealand has entered, so fingers crossed for a higher placement than in 2014.”

The successful candidates were:

Marie Anderson, Yaan Anderson, Ann Bastion, Geoff Beals, Matheson Beaumont, Kate Burton,  Emil Damian, Jim Harding, Aliah Jan, Anne Lamb, Barbara Lee, Annette Preen, Suzette Shaw, Graeme Skinner,  Bevan Tulett , Alison Vuskovich, Teresa Wilson, Paul Whitham.

Geof Beals

Image submitted by Geoff Beals

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