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2017 PSNZ National Convention – Day 2

For me the day started with kingfishers! Those who know me well would say that is predictable. There are many of them right outside the hotel when the tide is low, so I – along with a few other nature photographers – headed down to the walkway to capture some images of these speedy eaters.  I didn’t have my birding kit with me so have nothing to show you but tomorrow I am having a play with a mirrorless camera thanks to the guys at the Panasonic stand.  Very trusting of them I must say 🙂

Our first speaker of the day was Darren Jew talking about the importance of being able to visualise the image you want to achieve before you start to make it.  Knowing what the final image will look like (in your mind’s eye) will make it much easier to work out what you need to do to achieve it.  It was a very interesting talk with some stunning images shown to us.  Darren has been sponsored by Canon.

Now yesterday I mentioned the chocolate eggs, today I have the photo of them to prove just how good these trade stands are.  Chocolate Easter eggs with the Canon crew and I noticed some yellow lollipops at the Nikon stand.  I see a trend here and wonder if it is the sugar high’s that encourage us all to spend at the trade tables.

The second speaker of the day was Joe Michael who talked about how his images of the Antarctic were projected onto the Auckland Museum – and what it took to get the images and make it happen.  This was followed by a bunch of workshops.  I attended the one run by Peter Rees where we had a too short session on the nuts and bolts of Lightroom.  I say too short because you can never have enough time when someone is sharing their Lightroom experience.

After lunch we had another speaker – this time it was Stu Robertson and he talked about how he over came his extreme shyness when approaching people by taking on a project of photographing people with a silk rose.  He has done this (and still doing) to raise funds for children’s charities and the photos he showed us were amazing!

Another round of workshops was next followed by the convention group photo and then the last speaker for the day Grant Sheehan.  Grant is always a popular speaker, sadly this time I didn’t get to hear him, as I took some time out for myself.

The last thing on the programme for the day was the National Exhibition and other Competitions awards presentations. I was very proud to be up there receiving my bronze medal.  The first time I have achieved more than an acceptance in Natex.  It has certainly given me confidence to try for more of the national competitions – and indeed maybe some of the international ones. But that’s what it is all about isn’t it – challenging ourselves to improve and achieve.

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