2014 Southern Regional Salon Competition

The Rangiora Photographic Society is hosting this year’s Southern Regional Salon Competition and time is rapidly running out to get your entries in. Closing date for the competition is Saturday the 23rd of August.

So come on, if you are a PSNZ member or a member of a PSNZ affiliated organization or club, regardless of whether you are in the South or North Island, get your entries in to make this a real competition.

There are four categories: Open, Natural History, Photojournalism and Portraiture and each category can be Print or Digital and you can submit a total of four images for each category; which means that you could submit a total of 32 images…imagine that.

We want you to dazzle us with the brilliance of your imagery – to inspire and excite us – to transport us into the unique world that you see firstly through your minds eye and then through your camera lens. It is your world. It is a magical world of light and dark and 50 shades of grey. It is the world of the image that we inhabit through our imaginations.

To help you enter this competition we have designed an electronic entry form for your use both for Print and Digital entries. We want your ‘entry’ experience to be simple, seamless and so much fun that you will want to enter lots of images.

The rules, guidelines, electronic entry forms and much more can be found at the Rangiora Photographic Society Website

Competition Secretary John Hawker is sitting at his computer as we speak, poised and waiting for the flood of entries to come flowing through the cyber pipe and the couriers kept busy ferrying prints to his door step. John is very happy to answer any questions you may have and you can either call him on 03 312 6100 or email jhawker@bigfoot.com

Our judges are really excited about this year’s Salon Competition and particularly that the contest will include both North and South Island entries. So lets make their day and make their job really ‘interesting’.

So please, do not leave it too late. We absolutely want your entries. As the saying goes…’you have to compete to win’.

Kindest regards
Richard Loader
Southern Regional Salon Co-ordinator

2 thoughts on “2014 Southern Regional Salon Competition”

  1. Hi there. I’m not sure if you post things like this or interested in doing an article – but I’m doing a workshop at the Nelson Readers and Writers Week in October wrapped around the publication of my book Visible 60 women at 60. 12 of those images formed my successful submission for my Associateship this year. I’ve attached the Intro to the book which gives a bit of background and the website has lots of information and even a little Youtube video. 

    http://www.nelsonartsfestival.co.nz/programme/page-and-blackmore-readers-and-writers/writers-workshops-jenny-oconnor/   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I8GziMt_Gc

    Cheers   Jenny O’Connor APSNZ Author & Photographer / Project Management Consultant Mobile (+64) 0297972751 Phone(+64) 04 3801442 http://www.jennyoconnor.co.nz http://www.visibleat60.com http://jennyoconnor-visible-at-60.blogspot.co.nz

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