Canon Online 2018 Round 4 Results

Yet again, PSNZ members have created a stunning selection of images to stretch our selector’s thoughts and emotions. There were a total of 83 entries received, and for this round our judge is Bruce Girdwood FPSNZ, so well done everyone for giving him some challenging and creative images to look through. Entries for round 5 are already open and close on 25th October, so feel free to submit images straight away – don’t leave it until the last minute!

Congratulations to Deborah Martin from the Hibiscus Coast Photographic Club, our Winner of round 4.

Bruce’s Comments:

I enjoyed reviewing the wide range of photography presented for this round.  There is a huge range of styles and levels of sophistication in the image making.  On one hand a highly sophisticated creation and on the other a creative take on something familiar, very well seen.  Both ends of the spectrum inspire me.  Thank you for the opportunity to evaluate your images.  I hope I do them justice.

10.  The Waiau – Chris Watson

Wai – water, au – current.  The mood created by the gently softness of the whites and subtle lighting contrasted with the dark background takes me into another world.  The flow of water around this fragile stick catches a magic, fleeting moment, opening my mind.

9.  The Calm – Caroline Ludford LPSNZ LRPS

For me this is an ordinary moment made extraordinary.  A subtlety easily walked past yet noticed and turned into a taonga by the photographer.  I feel a craving to be sucked into the calmness of this image.

8.  Curious Kea – Charlotte Johnson

I am captivated by the cheekiness of this individual.  Your perspective, the stance of the bird and the gentle lighting contrasted against a dark background create the story for me.

7.  Mother is only a living Buddha in your life – Mikko Xiang Wang

I look at this image and my heart breaks.  What has happened, my empathy screams.  What is the relationship between his sadness and the electronics in his hand.  Such sadness is at odds with the calm gentleness of Buddhism.  So many questions.

6.  Fragile beauty – Graeme Skinner LPSNZ

Youth is temporary.  I feel I am looking back through time, from old age to youth while youth looks longingly back.  Your subtle use of light and texture are fundamental to the feelings this image creates in me.

5.  Cape Gooseberries – Shona Jaray APSNZ

The end of summer, the fruits are plump, cracking, ready.  Nature holds onto her bounty, protects her fruit and then releases when it is ready to feed or seed.  Your use of lighting draws me into the story and engages me with all the beautiful detail nature has to offer.

4.  WW1 Air battle – Alan Goldby LPSNZ EFIAP

“Lest we forget”.  A wonderful creation taking us back to the Great War in which we took the battles we fought on the ground into the air for the first time.  Thank you for reminding me of how vulnerable and brave these people were in fighting this way.  How far have we come since then?  Or not.

3.  Heartfelt Loneliness – Helen Mcleod FPSNZ SPSA

Cold hard stone in a cold grey sky.  A tree, barren, lonely, eking an existence in stone, yet there is life, warmth, hope as the birds fly by, on a migration, perhaps.  A lonely bird rests, suspended, waiting for the change, new life.

2.  The Country House – Constance Fein Harding

The moods, textures of the country.  How I feel in my mind when I go to places like this.  Warmth, hospitality, good food and wine, walks, fun, love, happy.   A special place.

1.  A Moment in Time – Deborah Martin

Peace, tranquillity.  A window into a world only perceived, perhaps felt, but never seen until time is captured on “film”.  A touch of reality to anchor the mind while it swirls through gentle colour and texture.  Sublime.

Bruce Girdwood FPSNZ

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