Inspiration at Central Regional Convention 28-30 September 2018

There’s more than one way to make a photograph.

Be prepared to have your mind stretched open, to see new possibilities in the world around you.

Whanganui is lucky to call talented photographer Christine Haber a local.

Christine has a unique perspective.  She hones in on details – using only a small portion of what her eye sees.  Focusing instead on details, colour and texture.

At the Convention, Christine will show photographers how to find these details, then combine multiple images in collage form to create an entirely new image.

There’s more than one way to make a photograph – find your inspiration, try a different perspective, grow as a photographer.

You need to be there to be inspired!  Get in fast to register for the Central Regional Convention in Whanganui.  Click here for details.

Christine Haber is a well-travelled multi-media artist, photo book author and twice winner of Whanganui National Art Awards.


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