Canon Online Results 2019 – Round 4


Thanks to everyone for your entries in round 4 of CanonOnline 2019, and thank you all for your patience, waiting on tenterhooks to see the results, well, the wait is finally over! There were 90 entries in this round, and I would like to say a big thank you to those of you who sent in correctly named and sized images. Our selector for this round was Michael Boyd-Clark APSNZ of Auckland. Michael has been out of action with a medical issue over the last few days, so I’m sure you will join me in offering our sincere thanks for his efforts in working through these images and our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

As usual the 90 images covered an incredible spread of genres and it is a joy to see the fantastic work of my fellow PSNZ members each round. Unfortunately four images had to be disqualified this round (outside competition image sizing). I have tried to send everyone messages when your image is not correctly sized (1620w x 1080h pixels maximum) and I am working on a revised entry system for next year that should hopefully make everyone’s lives a lot simpler when entering images, but in the meantime please refer to the rules and notes on image entry, or watch my video if you need a hand (

Michael’s comments on your images:

In making my selections I was guided by the immediate and emotional impact of your image.

1. Pure Joy – Lynn Fothergill LPSNZ

And an absolute joy to behold!  The happy emotion emanating for this delightful image is almost tangible.

2. Autumn in Hagley Park – Jo Curtis LPSNZ

I found myself immediately impacted by this image.  The essence of autumn is depicted, with composition and colours I could gaze at for hours.

3. Dancer – Penny Kennedy LPSNZ

The simplicity, the form and the colours in the image combine to create a most interesting abstract.

4. Kaiaua Beach races, East Coast – Louise Savage LPSNZ

Great energy and movement are depicted here.  The horse and rider almost jump out of the image.  Great use of differential blur.  Fantastic action.

5. Kolkata fishermen – Bob Pullein

I find the understatement of this image to be really appealing and satisfying.  Negative space, the high key effect and the absence of clutter allowed me to get lost in the spirit of the event.

6. Blue Poppy – Dawn Kirk LPSNZ

This image is almost three dimensional!  The colours complement each other against the stark black background.  Sharp focus throughout makes this image really pleasing.

7. St Monan’s Breakwater – Richard Laing

Clever exploitation of the leading lines makes this a satisfying image and the sharp focus throughout makes for a peaceful scene to be dwelled upon and enjoyed.

8. Down Under – Terry Bruning LPSNZ

Night-time images taken from under the Auckland Harbour Bridge are presented quite often but the composition here is unusual and successful.   Great symmetry has been achieved by placing the bridge in the centerline though a degree of tension is achieved by the weight of the city being to the left.  A pleasing, peaceful image.

9. Atrium View – Annette Johnston APSNZ

Very different from the norm, this abstract has immediate impact.  The stark black and white with the melding lines and curves made this image stand out as something special.

10.Waterfall Magic – Lisa Blomquist LPSNZ

An unusual and unconventional composition, but effective all the same.  The repeating radial patterns emanating from the base of the main waterfall are particularly pleasing.

There is plenty of time to work on your images for round 5 – the system is open for entries now and closes on the 25th October – Just after the Southern Regional convention for anyone heading down to Invercargill it’ll be a great social weekend, looking forward to seeing you there!

James Gibson APSNZ EFIAP


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