Canon Online 2019 Round 2 Results


Welcome to the results of Canon Online Round 2. This round’s results were selected by Brian Harmer LPSNZ, a member of the Hutt Camera Club and a retired academic. He is a PSNZ accredited judge. His own photography is mostly in the areas of landscape and nature.

Having to rank the “top ten” from an extremely diverse pool of 90 excellent images is my worst judging nightmare. To those whose images were not selected, my apologies. I selected the ten images  which, in my opinion, were best at engaging me in the story that they had to tell.

1. Wildebeest Stampede,  Serengeti – Raewyne Cathie LPSNZ
Though I have never been to Africa, I can hear the  panicked cries and thunder of hooves of the animals, and almost smell the swirling dust. I fear for the calf in the centre in danger of being trampled. I love the separation of the animals from the background in this painterly image. Beautifully done.

2. Kids – Hartmut Joschonek 
Despite the obvious posing, there is something supremely natural about this little group. The sparkle in their eyes and the huge smiles earned them a high place in the top ten. Context is nicely provided by the roof structure which forms the background.

3. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Dawn Kirk LPSNZ
Even without the intriguing title this image is about mystery. It is beautifully conceived and executed. Sharp clear eyes and an elegant pose help make this a great image.  The black mask and glove are a nice touch and I think the landscape format works well.

4. Figs – Shona Jaray APSNZ
Beautifully presented succulent ripe figs against a well chosen and textured background made a really appealing image. It is a fine example of still-life photography that made my mouth water.

5. Charon – Daniel Wong APSNZ AFIAP
Simple elegance and a dark moody background convey the title’s appeal to Greek mythology and the ferryman of Hades. The white bow of the boat, the dark water and the even darker distant shore and the light beyond all invite the viewer on a journey across the fateful river.

6. Mother of the Bride – Shelley Wood LPSNZ
What a striking portrait. The mother of the bride looks remarkably relaxed if this was taken on the big day. My eyes travelled from her blue eyes to her moko kauae to the pounamu at her ears and throat and then back to the eyes. The backdrop suits the subject very well. I am sure this image will be treasured by her family.

7. The Glassblower – Liz Hardley FPSNZ, EFIAP/b, LRPS
This picture shares the world of a craftsman at work, and his sharp eyes tell us he is momentarily distracted by the presence of the photographer. The man’s face is the centrepiece of this image. It is full of character and is well captured. Choice of monochrome is well suited to the timelessness of the story.

8. Vestrahorn – Tom Wilkinson APSNZ
The photographer has followed the first rule of landscape … go somewhere where there is a good landscape. This is a breath-taking image both for the wonderful reflection in still water and the moodiness of the clouds. I really like the panoramic treatment. It makes me want to go there.

9. Impressions of a Skater – Vivianne Baldwin APSNZ
I receive the impression of a young skater, perhaps reflected on the ice or perhaps seen through some overlay, but however it was done, it is a delightful well exposed  image that conveys a sense of possibly hesitant movement over the ice.

10. An Excited Robin With Nesting Material – Glenda Rees
Superbly caught picture of the bird in mid-bounce as it pulls away the lichen for its nest. I love the clear background and the sharpness of the image from the birds eye and through the branch in the foreground.

Brian Harmer LPSNZ

The image can be viewed in the Salon Gallery here.

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Congratulations to Raewyne Cathine and all the other authors who made th top 10, and my personal thanks to Brian for so quickly working through the huge variety of images you have all created!

These images will all be up on the PSNZ website shortly (under the Galleries tab) for you to enjoy

Round 3 is already open for your submissions and closes on 25th June – I look forward to seeing your entries in the coming weeks and best of luck to everyone!

James Gibson – Canon Online Coordinator


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