Canon Online Round 2 Results

019 - Looking Over Your Shoulder

The Winner!

Congratulations to Nel Davison, the winner of the Canon Online round 2 for 2023.  There were 103 entries in this round.  

A bit of history about Nel:

I have been into photography for the last six years and just love learning new techniques all the time. I am into most genre but love, birds, animals, landscapes and people the most.  I am enjoying the editing side of photography a lot more as my knowledge in this area grows and love pushing the creative side of my brain that very quickly becomes dormant!

Nel writes about the winning image:  

This image was taken at one of Shelley Harvey’s workshops (which I strongly endorse - she is a wonderful tutor and what she teaches remarkably I seem to have retained!) 

I edited this one in photoshop just firstly as a single edit and then decided to have a play with some double exposure via the NIK collection. .   I was really happy with my result with this one.  Thanks to Shyana for being such a beautiful subject to capture.’

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