Canon Online Round 6 Results

PSNZ Canon on Line Round 6 2016 Top 10 Images

From Sally Phillips, our Canon Online Co-ordinator:

Liz Robertson LPSNZ kindly offered to judge Round 6 and we are very grateful for her input. We received 74 images and the winner was Rachel Stevens from Paraparaumu with ‘Smokin’. Congratulations to Rachel and to the other nine place winners.

I wish you all a Happy New Year with health, happiness and a winning image!

Entries for this year’s Round 1 close on 25 February and are limited to financial PSNZ members who can submit just one image sized at 1620 x 1080. All entries are to be submitted online under the Member Login area.

Sally Phillips APSNZ
PSNZ Canon Online Coordinator

Liz’s comments:

The task was as tough as I expected it would be! So many lovely images, so few places to award!

Kind regards
Liz Robertson LPSNZ

1st Smokin by Rachel Stevens
A powerful low key portrait of a man you just know has some interesting stories to tell – and I want to hear them all! For this reason I have placed it first. The photographer has also managed to capture his ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude perfectly.

2nd Eye on the prize by Bryan Lay Yee
One can certainly feel the power of the water in this picture and see the look of determination on the athlete’s face. The fast shutter speed chosen by the photographer to freeze the water droplets adds to the tension and excitement.

3rd Gaze by Carolina Dutruel
A striking but soft portrait of a young girl. One can’t help but be drawn in by her big doe-like eyes. The soft golden-green light reminds me of autumn.

4th The girl in the green car by Lynn Fothergill
This image reminds me of a scene from a movie. The pastel colours complement each other well. The tilt of the head and bold tattoos and jewellery tell me this is one confident, sassy lady.

5th Wind farm on the hills by Sue Riach LPSNZ
The black and white treatment of this landscape adds to the moodiness of the image. The contrast of the blades adds drama. I’d be happy to hang this on my wall; I find the curve of the land quite soothing.

6th Preening by Glenda Rees
The photographer picked the perfect moment to capture this beautiful natural history shot. There’s so much detail in every feather. The empty background adds a sense of space and freedom for me.

7th Lines by Allan Cox
I love the use of lines and curves to lead the eye to, and frame the woman in this shot. The story intrigues me too; what or who is she looking up at, running to? The use of fish eye adds an almost voyeuristic feeling to the shot, as if the scene is being viewed through a door peephole.

8th Floating by Annette Johnston LPSNZ
Who doesn’t love flowers, particularly ones as soft and delicate as this? The stem is very pleasingly shaped to lead the eye to the flower which seems to dissolve almost smoke-like into the background. A beautiful piece of floral artwork.

9th Contemplation by Robert Beckett
A classic, beautifully lit portrait. His eyes are particularly striking and I am left wondering what he is thinking. Lovely warm tones throughout.

10th Misty Morn by Jenny Lovering
A peaceful, soothing seascape with lovely reflections; the mist adds mood and atmosphere. A worthy 10th place.

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