New Zealand Camera 2017

It is time to select your very best images for selection in New Zealand Camera 2017.  It’s not too late to create something magic either.  Entries close Friday 14 April 2017.

New Zealand Camera is PSNZ’s flagship publication for the wider audience.  It aims to showcase outstanding photographic images from members of the Photographic Society of New Zealand.  Each PSNZ member can submit two images, but only one can be selected.  There are a limited number of images we can print, so not every entrant will get an image published.  Our aim is to create a great looking publication and every year some superb and highly awarded images just don’t fit.  But on the other hand, selection is anonymous and new photographers often get published.

Each year the book has a special themed section.  This year the theme is “Putting People in their Places” – environmental portraits.  That is, portraits of people (or pets) in their work or life environment, where the environment brings out the story.  We have a fairly open mind about this definition – we are looking for quality and interest above all else.

The quality of the images in New Zealand Camera 201b was outstanding – the special theme might take you out of your comfort zone and let you produce something breath-taking.

We will be welcoming entries for New Zealand Camera 2017 on the PSNZ website by the end of January.

Model Enthusiast by Paul Willyams

Model Enthusiast by Paul Willyams


Alistair Phillips APSNZ - Young Tea Wallah

Young Tea Wallah by Alistair Phillips APSNZ


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