Convention Friday Part 2

After the AGM, “Mr PSNZ” John Boyd gave us an unprecedented and fascinating glimpse of many of the images in the PSNZ Permanent Collection. As his slideshow proceeded, he gave unique personal insights into the images and in many cases into those who made them.  He has been around PSNZ circles for fifty years, after all.   Here’s Don Kelly thanking and congratulating John Boyd on his presentation.

Don Kelly Thanks Johh Boyd

The next presentation was extraordinary, and a very emotional experience.  Christopher Gladstone talked about his experiences as a police forensic photographer working in the Christchurch Red Zone after the earthquake.  He showed many images and talked calmly and quietly about the difficult work involved, and the heroism and courage of many people who did their best for the families involved.  He received a standing ovation. Here’s Trevor Dennis sincerely thanking him for the presentation (thanks to Ricky Wilson for the photo).

Trevor Dennis thanks Christopher Gladstone

The main evening presentation was from Don Pittham. This was hilarious – so much so, that he received not one but TWO standing ovations.  You really had to be there, but the following photos will hopefully give some sense of the fun in which (aided by Anne Tate) he changed out of his suit into an outfit replicating his photo as a child, and then proceeded to entertain as well as inform the audience.

Anne Undressing DonAnne doing Don's HairWhat's With the Weird Clothes

Following this, we watched the Jack Sprosen presentations with, very appropriately for today, the Gold Medal going to Newell Grenfell for his AV on Anzac Day in Wanaka. (See results announced earlier here.)

The final, and very important events for today, were the presentation and recognition of many awards.

The Awards and Trophies for the PSNZ Canon National Exhibition were presented by Peter Wise and Shona Jaray (see all the award winners here).

AFIAP awards were presented by Brian Cudby to Ann Bastion and Rebecca Bowater.  Neither April Stark (AFIAP) nor Lynn Clayton (EFIAP) were able to be there in person to receive their awards; they were warmly applauded.


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