Convention Saturday Field Trips

Most people were up well before sparrow, um, chirp, this morning for one of the nine full day field trips and workshops.

I was with a group of forty which headed off to Picton and then onto the “Beachcomber” into the Marlborough Sounds.


On the way, we saw a pod of dolphins which swam along with us for a while and were jumping out of the water. Many others managed to catch great shots of them, and will no doubt share them later.


On arrival at Motuara Island the paparazzi were out in force for a posing seal on the shore.


We saw many birds, and there was an awesome view from the top of the island.


Our other stop was at Ship Cove, where these shags were nesting by the water, and some of us made it to the waterfall.


We’re heading back to Picton now. It’s been a fantastic day out. Thanks to the organizers for setting all this up.

Everyone is tired, but happy …


… and looking forward to sharing stories and images, and hearing from everyone else about their day, at tonight’s C R Kennedy banquet.

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