Digital Projected Image Standards – Feedback Wanted

In early 2012 a proposal for increasing the maximum dimensions of projected images for PSNZ events was circulated to members and clubs for comment.

At that time the standard for projected images in PSNZ events was a maximum of 1024 pixels on the horizontal side and 768 pixels on the vertical side.

Based on the feedback received, PSNZ Council approved the proposal to formalise the new size of a maximum of 1920 pixels on the horizontal side and 1080 pixels on the vertical side, effective 1 May 2012. The new standard now applies for

  • PSNZ National Exhibition
  • Regional competitions and Salons
  • Canon OnLine
  • PSNZ Inter-club competitions
  • Honours Board submissions

Council is aware that there have been some teething problems with this new standard and (as mentioned in the March / April CameraTalk) will review the standard at the post-Convention Council meeting in May.

Council is therefore now seeking feedback (both positive and negative) from members and clubs on the current standard for consideration at that meeting.

If you would like to participate please send your comments to William Wright at by Thursday 25 April.

3 thoughts on “Digital Projected Image Standards – Feedback Wanted”

  1. As I understand it, what needs to be considered is most of the current digital projectors are not specced for the new standard! Until the majority of projectors do conform to the the larger files size, PSNZ probably should revert to the previous standard.

    1. I agree with Simon. Our club purchased a new projector just before PSNZ came out with this idea, and it dose not conform to the new larger size file, I know that our club and others will not be changing projectors until they have to, due to the cost involved.It will only be done when it is no longer usable, PSNZ must revert back to the Previous standard.

  2. Frank Ciochetto

    Hi Neil,

    At Howick Camera Club, we have been using this new standard since the PSNZ adopted the1920 x 1080 at 72 dpi, though I personally use 100 dpi, with no problems at all. I think that some people are having difficulties when they set the image to these dimensions and the click on “email this photo” which immediately reduces the image again, thus losing quality. Those that I spoke to regarding this matter, were new to digital projected images. Importing to the email directly from the prepared file eliminates the extra reduction in image size and quality.

    Happy snapping,

    Frank Ciochetto.

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