Nature – Survey Regarding PSNZ Rules and Definitions

There has been considerable debate this year amongst the PSNZ membership, affiliated clubs, and on Council as to the appropriate rules which should be applied to images entered into the Nature section of PSNZ’s National Exhibition (NATEX).

Council decided at the mid term meeting in September this year to survey the membership, including members of affiliated clubs, to form a clearer view of what is wanted. Any resulting changes would not come into effect until after NATEX 2013.

Earlier this week a bulk email was sent out to PSNZ members and club contacts, the latter being asked to pass the email on to their members. The email contains a link to the online survey.

This survey is only for members of PSNZ and members of PSNZ affiliated clubs. If you are a Nature photographer, or you think you might be interested in submitting Nature images at some time, please take part in the survey. If you have not yet received the email with the link, please email giving your full name and the name of your club, and we will provide the link to you.

If you have any additional comments in relation to the survey, please also email those to Note that this email address was set up specially for this topic, and will be discontinued when the survey closes at midnight on 30 November 2012.

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    1. Hi Elizabeth – thanks for your question – as stated in the latest CameraTalk, the results of this survey will be fully discussed by Council in May. I feel that this subject will be given better attention by a face to face discussion with council rather than debate by email – hence the delay until May. The membership will be kept fully informed.

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