Preparing Images for NATEX

In a few weeks, many of you will be starting to think about the images which you will submit to NATEX.

The standard is always very high with only about 24% or so gaining acceptance or better. It is also important to remember that it is our National Exhibition and as such the images are “selected” keeping the composition of the Exhibition in mind. That means that if there are 10 ¬†images of a very similar subject matter submitted, probably only one will be accepted.

In April this year, after having been on the selection panel for open projected images, and having viewed 929 of them in one very long day, Tony Bridge FPSNZ wrote a blog post on his website with some very helpful recommendations for those of us wishing to submit projected images in future years.

It is with his permission that I direct you to his blog post

I seriously recommend that you read this if you are considering submitting projected images in 2015.


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