Welcome to the launch of the PSNZ Blog!

Welcome to the latest development in communication from PSNZ to the members and clubs. We anticipate posting new blog entries regularly to keep everyone up to date.

We will probably now be able to cut down on the volume of bulk emails – so to keep up to date with what’s happening you have at least three options:-

  • we recommend that you subscribe to receive PSNZ blog posts via email – see the option for this on the top left of this page
  • use an RSS feed reader (if you know what that means, you will know what to do!)
  • check on this site regularly to see if there is new information

What information will it contain? As already mentioned, a fair bit of the information, news and reminders that are currently sent out via the bulk email system will start coming through the blog instead (not as well as!). Bulk emails such as those with attachments prior to the AGM will of course continue to be sent as bulk emails.

Your views on this initiative are of course welcome – but not compulsory!

If you register with the blog, you will be able to post a comment in response to a blog. These comments will be moderated before they are published.

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