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The Apix PSNZ 2013 Southern Regional, hosted by Focus Aorangi in Tekapo kicked off last night with drinks and nibbles giving everyone a chance to catch up with friends. This event was “sold out” in record time with 140 registrations being the maximum the facility could accommodate. Since this is the only PSNZ Regional this year and because of the fabulous location, there are quite a number of “out of region” registrations which has unfortunately caused some anguish for Southern Region members who have missed out.

The more formal part of the  got off to a good start  with a fascinating presentation on Astro Photography. Freidl Hale, Peter Aldous and Robert McTague had up intrigued as they showed us the relative sizes of various planets and how many light years they are away from earth.

We learned about aligning camera and tripod to the Southern Celestial Pole (SCP) for Southern Hemisphere photographers to get the optimum results from long exposures. add to this, focus stacking to achieve pin sharp stars rather than star trails. For the really serious, throw in some complex and inevitably expensive equipment.  As is often the case, it can become complex and technical once you get into the detail.

The programme had a practical session planned to follow the presentations with us all outside with our cameras and tripods to put some of this newly gained information into practice. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side with a ceiling of heavy cloud.

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  1. Yes! A great pity that ‘Northeners’ swamped the event. I tried to register at least a month before the ‘early bird’ cut-off, which I thought was in plenty of good time! People from the North Island can manage to organise themselves to come to a South Island Regional, but can’t manage the organising of their own Regionals. That’s a bit rich, isn’t it? I suggest for future Southern Regionals, that the registrations be restricted to South Islanders up until the end of the ‘early bird’ period, and if there are any slots left after that, then open the registrations to ‘all and sundry’.

  2. Some of us are a bit thick Shona – and – did not ‘learn how to identify the SCP’! I did not quite catch the explanation…… However, I can usually identify the Southern Cross, so hopefully will have a vague idea from that… (Unless someone can post an idiots “how-to” guide???)
    Great w/e – HUGE thanks to the organisers!!!

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