Apix PSNZ Southern Regional 2013

JARAY_131005_0458On Saturday morning we enjoyed two wonderful presentations from Antonia Steeg, the keynote speaker. Read more about her here and view some of her stunning images. Her book published by Te Papa Press is available from her website and is filled with the product of three year’s work, photographing high country New Zealand.

The field trip to Balmoral Station followed lunch and there was ample opportunity to observe and photograph merino sheep in the pen awaiting shearing, being shorn, and the spinning of merino wool. Woolsheds are fascinating places full of character and interesting bits and pieces to photograph.JARAY_131005_0473

There were Llamas, a very friendly sheep dog and a couple of horses with their riders.JARAY_131005_0479 JARAY_131005_0486

The banquet that night was full of fun with Norma Bartrum leading the singing in great style, and a fun filled rendition of “the money or the bag” led by Simon Toogoodtobetrue, resulting in much hilarity.

Congratulations to Norma and her team and the Focus Aorangi Photographic Society for a wonderful weekend.

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  1. That had to be one of the best PSNZ Regional Conventions I have ever been to. I have been to a few too! There was something of quality for everyone. The food photography and hospitality was sublime. A big thank you, and congrats to Norma, Lorraine, and the Focus Aorangi Team. They are totally “out there” contributors to the PSNZ Convention League of Legends. They have now successfully hosted two consecutive outstanding conventions. Fantastic.

    In regard to Simon Toogoodtobetrue’s Saturday activities, What goes on tour stays on tour, would be appreciated! lol

    Those who missed out, due to the restricted numbers, will have learnt a lesson. Knowing Marlborough’s track record, and what have in store for the National Convention in May, I’d recommend that if you intend to go, book early!

  2. Yes was a great weekend, really enjoyed catching up with fellow photographers. Will make register earlier for these events in up and coming years so we don’t miss out.
    Great to have people from the North Island down there and look forward to seeing more of you down here in Blenheim and Christchurch 2014.
    Antonia Steeg was very interesting and really enjoyed hearing about her trips to the High Country and her amazing horse images:-)
    Simon yes entertaining as ever:-) the clip on the 5 Aussie photographers was great.
    Thanks so much to Norma and the crew:-)

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