CR Kennedy Print Workshop – Hamilton

Prior to the CR Kennedy Honours Dinner last Saturday evening, CR Kennedy ran a print workshop for those attending the dinner. It was a smaller group who attended the workshop but the feedback from the attendees was very positive. The following is from Shona Kebble FPSNZ

“Recently I attended the CRK Honours Dinner in Hamilton. Prior to the dinner CRK held a workshop regarding printing and papers. This was headed by Rachel Smith who is a specialist in Ilford papers. She explained each type of paper and its uses, handed around examples to show clearly the difference in texture, smoothness, colour etc.

It was amazing how different various papers were. It got us all thinking of how we could apply each type of paper to our photos. Rachel went through various reasons why each paper should be used including emotions, things to consider, paper type and coatings, ICC profiles, what makes a great print, processing to print, soft proofing, gamut, common print problems, sharpening to print and finally printing.

Rachel also showed us, on the computer, how to set the right profile for the paper to print our photos. All in all, it was an very interesting workshop held by an extremely knowledgeable lady. Thank you Rachel, CR Kennedy and PSNZ.”

Shona Kebble FPSNZ

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