Digital Projected Image Specs

The host clubs for the Regional salons are reporting that they are receiving digital images from clubs and individuals which are incorrectly sized.

In April this year the PSNZ Council made a decision to change the specification for digital images submitted to PSNZ events this year, and Canon Online from the beginning of next year. The new dimensions are a maximum of 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high, as compared to the previous 1024 by 768.

As was the case with the previous size, you don’t need to fill up the whole allowable region.  For most images, you just need to resize so it is exactly 1080 pixels high, and then it will be less than 1920 pixels wide (but do check).  If the image is very panoramic, you may need to resize so it is 1920 pixels wide and it will end up being less than 1080 pixels high.

If you submit incorrectly sized images, the host club has three choices:-

  1. to use it as is – in the example pictured here, the top part of an image submitted as 1920 by 1280 pixels may be clipped
  2. to contact you and ask you to resubmit in the correct size
  3. to resize the images for you – this will downsample the image and possibly result in a poorer quality than if you had resized yourself from the original image

All options can cause a lot of extra work for the host club, whose members are already generously donating their spare time to organise the salon for their region.

So, please endeavour to ensure that when you size and submit your projected digital images for the regional salons – both individual and interclub – that they are no more than 1920 pixels wide and no more than 1080 pixels high.

2 thoughts on “Digital Projected Image Specs”

  1. It is not necessary to limit the image size to the projector dimensions. All good projectors will resize a too-large image to whatever the native dimensions are for the machine, so there is no point in limiting submitted image sizes.
    Also, if driving the projector from a laptop with fewer screen pixels, the laptop may limit the resolution to its own screen resolution, unless the laptop screen is turned off, and you may need to restart the laptop if it was running before the projector was connected.

    1. Shona Jaray APSNZ - President PSNZ

      “Colin, you are correct that the projector and computer should handle the images no matter what their size. However the bottom line is that if the image dimensions differ from (native) projection dimensions then any down sampling will likely produce a worse quality image. So it is better for entrants to size their image to known dimensions tailored for the projection equipment. That way their images will be seen in an optimum manner and they will not be penalised by any resizing the behaviour of the projector or the computer. “

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