PSNZ Wins 4 Nations International Photo Competition

The Photographic Society of New Zealand had the honour of winning this prestigious inter-society photographic competition for 2012 with high scores in the Monochrome and Nature sections.

Doug Moulin APSNZ, AFIAP of the North Shore Photographic Society won a 4 Nations Medal for his image titled “Yacht Race” entered in the Monochrome Category.

Three  other PSNZ members won 4 Nations Certificates in the other three categories.

They were Vicki Slade APSNZ of the Christchurch Photographic Society for her image titled “The Neighbourhood Watcher” in the Open Category.

Irene Buchan LPSNZ of the Nelson Camera Club for her image titled “Pentatomoidea” in the Nature Category.


Shona Jaray APSNZ of Kapiti Coast Photographic Society for her image titled “Sun  setting on the Hawkduns” in the category Our Country.

Four Societies take part in this annual event. The Photographic Society of New Zealand, Australian Photographic  Society, Photographic Society of South Africa and the Canadian Association of Photographic Art.

Each Society submitted 80 images from its members. PSNZ members contributed over 300 images to be considered for the PSNZ entry.  These images were sent to the Greymouth Photography Club which chose the 80 images needed. Each image came from a different PSNZ member.

This year the 320 images entered were sent to Europe where Rasa Milojevic EFIAP, EsFIAP, KMF, FSS of the Photo Association of Serbia, Norbert Heil EPSA, EFIAP of the German International DVF Photocup and Djord Vukicevic FSSP, AKMF Chair Photo Club Novi Sad did the judging.

A selection of the images from this competition will be shown in an audio visual at the PSNZ National Convention which will be held in Wellington 1st – 5th May, 2013.

4 thoughts on “PSNZ Wins 4 Nations International Photo Competition”

  1. Stunning images, all credit to the authors and the Greymouth club for a winning choice of images.
    Two of these images, the yachts and the land/seascape are clearly ‘derivative’ images, very beautiful, mysterious, haunting almost, and in all my half-century of photography I have never conceived let alone made any pictures like those. Just awesome – in the true sense of the word.

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